Embroidery abstract artwork handcrafted with thread in a circular natural wooden frame, using black fabric as surface. The artwork is created using only threads of different colours and sizes.

This piece is inspired on the peace of nature at night. Imagine the sea at calm, and like you’re flowing with its waters, and looking at an amazing sky full of stars. Lucia created this artwork with that feeling of internal calm in mind, and the connection she feels towards nature.

The canvas of this piece is rounded, made with natural wood, and it has an enclosure mechanism to hang the piece. I include a thread to hang the piece, but you can change it for one you have at home if you prefer. You can also place the embroidery art on a shelf. Roll up the thread around the enclosure mechanism to get the length you like the most.

The thread I use is from DMC ( one of the best brands of embroidery thread, if not the best ).

The size of this artwork is 11cm for the diameter, and the back of the frame is covered by a cardboard signed and illustrated by hand.

This is a unique artwork.