Hand painted dish - Design #7


Terracotta dish hand-painted with acrylic painting and markers of acrylic painting.

The design is painted with delicacy and love. The colours are blended manually, so each dish is unique. Every plate has been painted applying at least 3 coats of acrylic painting to make sure that it is well sealed and waterproof.

You can use this dish:
- to place your jewellery: rings, earrings, necklace, bracelets...
- to leave small daily objects: clips, sharpener, tape, pen-drive...
- to put your hair stuff: claw clips, hair clips, scrunchies...
- to tidy the business cards you collect from artists and crafters you meet on markets :P
- as a base for your plant pots ( but taking care that the pot doesn't scratch, as the painting from the dish may be affected)
- put your bar of hand soap

Each dish measures 13cm of diameter and 2.5cm of height ( 2cm the dish itself + 0.5cm with the little rubbers I placed below to protect them from the daily use and movement).

*The jewellery and small objects shown in the pictures aren't included. I just sell the dish.
**The colours may vary from screen to screen, though I have tried to show the colours the closest as to the real one.